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    Andruni Circles: Weave Your Leadership Tapestry

    Curated Learning for Women of Color 

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    October - December

    6 Sessions

    90 minutes

    About This Circle

    Women working in the US report experiencing higher rates of on-the-job burnout compared with their male counterparts, according to a Gallup poll from 2021. Women are burdened with work that does not advance our careers - and women of color are even more prone to feeling burnt out, according to Deloitte’s 2022 Women at Work survey.

    As we navigate climate catastrophe, a looming economic recession, systemic racism, and COVID, leaving little (well, no) time to think about professional growth, one thing to remember is:  we’re not alone.


    We can take small actions to manage control of our long-term professional goals as we name: how have our individual histories shaped our approach to leadership? And as we grow as a leader, what do we want to leave behind and what do we want to nurture and grow?


    Join our flagship 6-week learning circle - in 6 sessions that are each  90 minutes - to collectively work within your cohort to: 


    • Explore your individual histories and heritage to articulate what leadership means to you, and use a whole systems-based approach to create your distinctive leadership plan unique to you

    • Build community: Share your stories of navigating work and personal lives with other mid-career managers. 

    • Learn and discuss the latest research on women of color and their professional (and personal) lives, including perspectives from cognitive science, psychology and other fields.

    This is an interactive, peer-learning series of workshops specifically for women of color who are mid-level in their careers.

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    About Andruni Circle

    About Andruni Circles

    Andruni Circles is a new initiative to support women of color on their journey in professional leadership.


    We use peer-learning, evidence-based approaches in a group coaching format to support women leaders of color in identifying their authentic leadership styles -  that do not mimic the "traditional" leadership models that were created by and for white men - and apply those skills in the workplace.

    We ask anyone who is joining us to come prepared to be uncomfortable, to listen, learn and share, and to be courageous and respectful with ourselves and to each other.

    Meet The Facilitators

    Farah and Sarah regularly collaborate and consult on client projects together,

    and are particularly committed to creating equitable workplaces for women of color leaders.

    Farah and Sarah specifically focus on story-based learning that connects our past to our future. They offer provocative questions and interactive, facilitated sessions of self-reflection as well as explorations in pairs and small groups, to complicate and tease out nuance. 


    Learn more about each of them by clicking on their websites below.


    Farah Mahesri

    Facilitator | DEI Consultant

    sarah karim headshot (1).jpeg

    Sarah Karim

    Facilitator | Strategy Consultant 


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