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    Andruni Circles

    Curated Learning for Women of Color Leaders

    About Andruni Circles

    Andruni Circles  supports women leaders of color in identifying your personalized leadership approach - and apply that learned knowledge in the workplace.

    We believe that only you have:

    • Wisdom rooted in your own history and lived knowledge

    • Knowledge about how you best show up

    • Knowledge about what kind of leader you would like to be

    • Knowledge of the ideal world you would like to live in

    • Critical stories to share with and hear from others

    We believe that only you have the wisdom and expertise to know yourself best. And that what you need is the space to surface all of these elements - leveraging your own lived experiences to help achieve the professional leadership goals you want.

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    About Andruni Circle

    What to Expect

    Andruni Circles use peer-learning, evidence-based approaches in a group coaching format to create and hold this space. We ask anyone who is joining us to come prepared to be uncomfortable, to listen, learn and share, and to be courageous and respectful with ourselves and to each other.

    Through this six week course, participants can expect:


    • Story based-learning that helps connect our pasts to our futures.

    • Provocative questions that seek to complicate and tease  out nuance.

    • Interactive, facilitated sessions that will include a combination of uniquely designed and facilitated exercises that offer a combination of self-reflection, explorations in pairs and discussions in small groups.This will be 90% you thinking and talking, so come prepared to be engaged!

    • Community focus that will help you connect with your fellow cohort members - for this session and beyond, as you all continue on your leadership journeys.

    • Reflection exercises and homework to keep the learning going between sessions (about an hour a week).

    Meet The Facilitators

    Farah and Sarah regularly collaborate and consult on client projects together,

    and are particularly committed to creating equitable workplaces for women of color leaders.

    Farah and Sarah specifically focus on story-based learning that connects our past to our future. They offer provocative questions and interactive, facilitated sessions of self-reflection as well as explorations in pairs and small groups, to complicate and tease out nuance. 


    Learn more about each of them by clicking on their websites below.


    Farah Mahesri

    Facilitator | DEI Consultant

    sarah karim headshot (1).jpeg

    Sarah Karim

    Facilitator | Strategy Consultant 


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